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CUAV through uav communication Internet, using its own wireless data link, flight control system and centimeter-level positioning RTK system, the function of the perfect client, all hardware and software to cooperate with each other, for all kinds of uav application scenarios flight provides a complete set, and perfect solutions.

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    Client multi-platform support


    CUAV FeiGong Ground Station for Andriod

    Multi-flight point setting, and can add actions for the flight point, the aircraft information is clearly displayed, easy to control the flight

    CUAV FeiGong Ground Station for Windows

    Easy to plan the route, complete photography, scanning and other rich navigation point action, and can carry out unlimited distance high-definition transmission


    UAV-HUB Monitoring Platform

    Easy to grasp the current map location and flight data of uav, remote control of uav status, remote broadcast, thousands of miles away


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    FeiGongTransmission For Windows

    With LTE LINK series products, flight control data and real-time video streams can be pushed to QGC ground stations, MP ground stations or third-party development software to meet customer's individual needs.


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